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Shining Beacons

‘To achieve the heights, it is important not just act but also dream, not just plan but have the belief.’I commend each member of Greenwoods Global School for their dedication and hard work. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. I wish all the students, parents, faculty and administrators a safe, healthy and fun year, filled with much learning, teaching, growing and enjoyment.

Mr. Bhagatsingh Koshiyari
Ex-Chief Minister of Uttarakhand
Rajyasabha Member


I am of the firm opinion that with the quality of educationists and facilitators Greenwoods Global School possesses, along with the basic agenda for the holistic development of a child , our school is bound to sprinkle it’s showers of talent in every nook and corner of the world ; Once they take a plunge into the real world.

Mr. B.V. Subramanian
Education Consultant

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Principal Ms Jyoti Mehta, teaching faculty and management  on the occasion of opening of Greenwoods Global School in Haldwani.

I am confident that the school, as the name suggests, will aim at producing ideal global citizens well equipped intellectually, physically, morally and socially to meet the challenges facing them.

The aims and objects of education in general are :

  1. To study the mind of man in its realization of different aspects of truth from different points of view.
  2. To bring into more intimate relation with one another through careful study and research, the different cultures of various regions of India on the basis of their underlying unity.
  3. To approach the western world from the standpoint of such a unity of the life and thought of the East in general and India in particular.
  4. To seek to realize in a common fellowship of study, the ultimate welfare of man and his environment

I am sure the school will achieve its goals under the able stewardship of Principal Jyoti Mehta.

Please accept my sincere best wishes!

Founder Principal
DAV Centenary Public School

Education is the first and foremost priority of life to understand it and expose the individual to the unknown world to explore.

I believe that Greenwoods Global School will hand over a torch of wisdom in the hands of the incoming students to enlighten the path of their life and hope in the worthy stewardship of the Principal and the management the institution will go a long way.

With Best Wishes

Mr. L.S. Sirari
Rtd. Principal
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Education according to me is not getting excellent grades in the class it’s about soaking in all the knowledge and translating it into wisdom and emerging a winner in your own way.

Today parents along with the teachers are the bedrock of values. Values give meaning to life. They give a person his identity and character .If we have to teach values to children we must realize that we ourselves as educators, as teachers have to be role models and lead by example.

The Greenwoods action plan to promote value education is on the belief that it is the process where children learn and it is not merely to train students for earning their livelihood, but to prepare them for life itself as humanly and worthy citizens.

I wish the Greenwoods Global School every success and may you soar to new heights.
Let’s all together bring the change.

Chandrika Arry
Best Pre-Primary Teacher Awardee by CIDCO
Apeejay School, New Mumbai

Hi Geeta (Director of Greenwoods Global School)

All the very best for your school. May you enlighten the minds and be instrumental in the teaching and development of many generations of students in the future.

Best Wishes

Johana Sousa (BSC Honors)
English Second Language (ESL) Teacher
E.S.C.O.L.A, Luanda, Angola

Dear Geeta

After having the privilege of working beside you for the last four years and witnessing the seed of your school come to fruition, I have no doubt that it will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. With your meticulous professionalism and your academic prowess, I know the team that guides Greenwoods Global School, will ensure that it grows from strength to strength. Personally, I wish you many blessings and I look forward to being able to say very proudly, “I once worked with that incredible woman!” Lots of love and best wishes.

Tracy Ritchie
(Coordinator for the Primary and Lower-Secondary Phase of E.S.C.O.L.A.)

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