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We believe that a lively ambience can make education more interesting and fun filled. Audiovisual Learning adds the dimensions of sight and sound to programmed learning. The air-conditioned audio visual lab is equipped with a high-end LCD projector, smart board, enhanced with resources based on academics, sport, general knowledge, educational films to name a few. The power of this media to present complex concepts helps teachers invoke interest among the students. Sight coupled with sound does tickle the grey matter better than the blackboard!.
The Multi Activity room introduces the students to the wonderful world of music, dance, yoga, games and art and helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies.


Our library is a storehouse of knowledge waiting to feed the child’s imagination. Equipped with Resource books (fiction and non-fiction) and Educational CDs, the air-conditioned, state-of-the-art Library provides flight to their imagination. Though books are indispensable to education, at Greenwoods Global School, we focus as much on fiction, non-fiction and general knowledge books as we do on curriculum books. There is a special section catering to the varied interests of parents like books on parenting, fiction, non-fiction and reference books.


Computers are extensively used in almost every sphere of life today. Computer literacy and proficiency is a must and we take special efforts to ensure that our students are adept with the machine.
The School has air-conditioned state of the art computer labs. The student-computer ratio of 1:1 ensures that students get a practical experience of what they learn in class. School advocates of only legal and licensed software. All machines have licensed Windows XP operating system. Students are trained in the usage of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Corel Draw, etc. and are given a hands-on on simple programming.


School provides transport services for the students staying at a longer distance from the school, for which school ‘Transport Service Form’ should be filled at the time of admission.

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