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Director’s Message

Greenwoods Global School (GGS) was a dream that has come true! Few like-minded people with National and International experiences wanted to come up with an educational institution with a difference. It was the time to give back to the community and hence, originated the essence of GGS.

Knowing the rapid changes in the central curriculum according to the global demands, GGS decided to offer CBSE curriculum with a global perception to the people of Haldwani. This curriculum is supported by the combination of both National and International methodologies of teachings, which ensures a quality education for every child.

In this process, we got the support of hardworking and dedicated teachers with a proven ability to care, encourage and inspire. Here students participate in a range of sporting, cultural and social activities designed to broaden outlooks and acknowledge an appreciation of the world around them. It should also be clear that the school puts the safety and security of its students as its utmost priority but still provides the opportunity for inquiry, experimentation and play in a well- protected but not totally stifling educational environment.

It is fact that happy school communities require a strong sense of cooperation and common purpose. Throughout the school there is a refreshing commitment to foster student engagement through hands-on inquiry and a desire to promote academic achievement through understanding and not repetition. In this process we would definitely like the cooperation and understanding approach of the parent’s community. GGS welcomes all the parents who want their children to understand what they learn and reflect this in their behaviour by adjusting well in a global perspective.

The Greenwoods Global School is an exciting school in the city of Haldwani. A curriculum based on understanding, teachers intent on building a rapport with their students, secures well-resourced premises and all under one roof can definitely make us one of the Haldwani’s greatest classrooms.

It all started with the support of the people with noble intentions and I hope we will keep up with their dreams and community’s expectations. We do believe that:

“Education is the essence of the Community” and we strive to achieve the excellence with our hard work and your support!

Geeta Singh

:: Welcome to Greenwoods Global School::