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We at Greenwoods Global School have advocated of a curriculum that boasts of global vision with Indian values. Our syllabus has been planned on the theory constructivism and the units are based on thematic learning. We promise to teach them the seven wonders of the world like to see, to hear, to touch to taste, to feel , to laugh and to love; this will help them to be a complete person. Pre-primary is serving children aged from 2.5 to 5. The Curriculum has been planned by an advisory body giving recommendations as per CBSE norms and as per the ECCE guidelines provided by education board, Delhi.

The School pursues CBSE Curriculum.

The school follows the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme to test the levels of ability.

Moral value, yoga lessons, life skill and S.U.P.W are the integral part of the curriculum.

Pre Primary:

The curriculum of the Pre-Primary is activity based and has been designed in such a way that students learn naturally by actively participating and experiencing.

Primary :

The students are taught English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science and Social Studies. The students of classes I-II learn Environmental Studies in place of Social Studies and General Science. Computer Studies are compulsory for all the students.

Student guidance and support

EAL (English as an additional language)

Students whose first language does not match the school’s language of instruction face a double challenge, that of acquiring the general language – which in the case of GGS is English – and also of learning all the subjects in English. The GGS situation is not uncommon around the world.

English language testing plays a key part in determining the level of extra support that an EAL student will need in order to acquire the general and academic English needed to access the curriculum, as well as whether the school is in a position to admit the student. At GGS the LAS links proficiency test is used to provide an insight into the English language proficiency of both potential and current students.

The English as an additional language department supports language development by working with students according to their individual needs.

We promote an academically challenging program through collaboration with mainstream teachers. Our objective is to enable English language learners to engage in meaningful academic and social language, using appropriate integrated learning skills to become independent learners and international citizens.

The EAL department supports English language learners from Jr. KG. upwards.

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Parents must inform the school at the time of application if their student has been receiving any special help in their previous school.

The resources of GGS and Haldwani are limited in their ability to accommodate students with special needs. If parents suspect their student may have difficulty, they should discuss this with the Principal at the time of application.

If it is determined that a student cannot succeed in the school’s regular academic program, the student will not be permitted to re-enroll the following school year.

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